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RAMSBOTTOM has many tourist attractions including historic buildings and monuments.  Walking around the town you will come across many buildings in their original 18th century condition.  Many are now SHOPS or restaurants, some with historical significance.  There are some pleasant walks which can be completed in less than a couple of hours.  Ramsbottom Heritage Centre on Carr Street will provide you with a map of the Heritage Walk which encompasses many of the places listed in our HISTORY page.  The Ramsbottom Heritage Centre (map ref. 4) is open each weekend from 1pm to 4.30pm and houses a small

exhibition as well as local information and guides.  For a few pence, you will be given a map of the Heritage Walk, a short walk taking in many of the historic buildings in the town.


The Peel Tower at Holcombe is more than a local landmark, it commemorates Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister of Britain between 1841 and 1846, founder of the modern Police Force (once named 'Peelers' and still often referred to as 'Bobbys').  He is also renowned for repealing the Corn Laws. The tower, opened in 1852, is a popular landmark sitting on the top of Holcombe Hill (1100ft.) on the west side of the Irwell Valley offering a magnificent view to those who climb the 150 steps leading to the top.  For more details ring 0161 253 5353. 

Visiting Peel Tower involves a pleasant walk up The Rake from Carr Street in the town centre, it will take at least an hour so consider taking a break in Holcombe Village.  On the way to the village you will pass a Tanners Croft (map ref. 20), now an imposing private residence on the left at the beginning Rawson's Rake.  Soon after is The Rake proper which leads you onto Chapel Lnae at Emmanuel Church (map ref. 21).  The Rake has been the subject for many an artist and you will find paintings by some of them in the local galleries and gift shops.  Souvenirs such as mugs and plates will often be embellished with this view.  Close to Peel Tower and overlooking the valley is the Millennium Bench with its wonderful view it offers a welcomed rest to visitors.  The bench was produced by Lee Ratcliffe from Stubbins and Simon Nuttall from Ramsbottom.  It was sponsored by  the  residents of Holcombe and friends, who raised the funds at the time of the Millennium Beacon. 

The Shoulder of Mutton (map ref. 22), dates from 1751 and was a known venue for cock fighting until 1849.  Other buildings of interest nearby include 18th century Higher House across the road from the pub

While in the village take a look at the Standing Stone (map ref. 23) behind The Shoulder of Mutton  pub (map ref. 22) which is said to date from the thirteenth century and was at the time, the base of a Gibbet.

The Irwell Sculpture Trail is one of the largest public art projects in the country having some 20 sculptures in all. The trail runs from Salford along the Irwell Valley through Ramsbottom, on to Bacup and beyond..  It includes a Tilted Vase (map ref. 3), created by Edward Allington.  The sculpture, manufactured in bronze, occupies a central position on the site of the original market place.  Other sculptures in the Ramsbottom locality are 'Seek And You Will Find', a series of carved wooden sculptures by Kerry Morrison located in Nuttall Park. 'The River'  is located at the Wharf.  For more information please contact the Irwell Sculpture Trail Project Officer on 0161 228 3322 or Bury Tourist Information Centre on 0161 253 5111. e-mail touristinformation@bury.gov.uk.


The East Lancashire Railway, still under restoration, runs from Bury, through Ramsbottom and on to Rawtenstall in the Rossendale Valley.

The line was opened in 1989 and runs each weekend.  Many special events take place throughout the year including Thomas The Tank Engine weekends and Santa Specials over the Christmas period.

Many of the engines using the line are steam powered with classic engines often visiting the region.

The ELR can be contacted on 0161 764 7790, or visit their web site at http://www.east-lancs-rly.co.uk

The Wharf  (map ref. 12)is a restored section  of the River Irwell, across from the Railway Station and is ideal for picnics during the summer months.  Amongst the features of the Wharf is 'The River' by Hetty Chapman and Karen Allerton.  This is a part of the Irwell Sculpture Trail seen as a meandering, etched stainless steel path ending with a platform.  Good veiws of the trains arriving and departing from Ramsbottom Stations can be had from here.

The Golden Jubilee Window are a new attraction for visitors to Ramsbottom.  As part of the Ramsbottom Jubilee Celebrations, Bryan Farlow was commissioned to provide decorative windows for the Public Library (map ref: 24).  Having retired as an engineering draughtsman, Bryan enrolled for a short introduction to stained glass at Peel College, Bury.  He is now particularly noted for his stained glass landscape work.

The Ramsbottom Duck Trail is an easy walking circuit of about one kilometre looking at the ducks and other wildlife on three areas of water.  Suitable for the young and not so young.  The walk takes in River Irwell Warf  (map ref. 12), Kay Brow Lodge, near Barwood House (map ref. 5) and Springwood Lodge, near The Old Mill (map ref. 18).

Leaflet available from Ramsbottom Heritage Centre (map ref. 4).


The Second Sunday of each month is a good time to visit the town.  This is when you will find the Farmers Market, Jazz at the Grants and Previews of work by local artists at the Wensley Gallery - see EVENTS page for details and links.


For further information contact:


Ramsbottom Heritage Centre

Carr Street


Tel: 01706 822620

Open 1.00pm to 4.00pm

Each Sunday and 2nd and 4th Saturdays


Easter Sundaiy to December


Bury Tourist Information Centre

The Met Arts Centre

Market Street

Bury BL9 OBW

Tel: 0161 253 5111

Fax: 0161 253 5919

E-mail: touristInformation@bury.gov.uk




A memorial to Sir Robert Peel positioned on Holcombe Hill.

Holcombe Village.


Holcombe Hill


A poular stop in Holcombe Village


Legendry base of a Gibbet

By Edward Allington and situated in the Market Place.


An example of Kerry Morrison's work in Nuttall Park

Photographed during one of the popular 'Steam Weekend' events.

A popular picnic site and the location for 'The River' sculpture


One of four located in the Library